Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Who is Not Andy Sere ?

It is clear that Not Andy Sere is no fan of Robert Hurt but the blog also seems to have had in the past a  very strong push towards Lawrence Verga.  We believe that the author is none other than Keith Drake, a past consultant for Verga.  Why can't Verga speak for himself openly and does he know that Drake is blogging this way ? If he does, doesn't the blog need a disclaimer ?  Drake has recently been replaced by a DC firm but the terrible video that was just up is clearly his work.  Verga had a FEC violation with his first contribution when he funded his campaign with 25K from his business account that he had to give back to himself.  Is the Not Andy Sere blog a violation also ?


  1. Not Andy Sere=Keith Drake? To bad he got let go from the Verga's team, Drake's hackery would have been Verga doom. Drake getting paid to screw up a race is almost a crime unto itself.

    KD is a such a wart on the body politic that Waldo's blog called him out on being the area's worst republican. He was a poor chairman and now a worse consultant- the P.HD he claims to have must be Pile it High and Deep.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish

  2. he seemed to be angry at all the candidates running, save for Verga. Yes, I am a big Hurt supporter, but defeating Perriello is my goal. Let's keep our eyes on the prize. kelley in virginia

  3. Not Andy Sere = Michael Ernette CM for Bradley Rees

  4. No- Ernette does not have the connections with the Verga campaign that shows through clearly on the Not Andy Sere blog.

  5. To me NotAndySere reads younger. Like Cortes, Verga's manager. I could be wrong though

  6. The blog was up long before Cortes was involved in Verga's campaign. Cortes was looking for an opportunity not particularly Verga but now likes Verga.

  7. If you're going to poke around & try and unmask "NotAndySere", it would look a lot better for you to reveal who you are.

    That being said, thanks for the link. I did an article about this site and I hope you get more traffic.


  8. I know that "Not Andy Sere" is not Keith Drake because Keith once asked me, because of my knowledge of the Virginia political blogosphere, if I knew who "Not Andy Sere" was. I did not know the answer, and neither did Keith. (He may have since discovered the answer, but we have not discussed the matter since that one time.)

  9. Hello everyone--Keith Drake here. In response to the blog thread above:

    -- No, I am not "NotAndySere," although I am flattered someone thinks I have the time, ability, and inclination to publish that blog

    -- I was not "let go" from the Verga For Congress campaign, rather, I declined to ask Laurence to renew my original contract. Totally my decision.

    -- I think I was a pretty decent Chairman of the Albemarle Republicans from 2001-08, but I would be curious to know why Northsider has a different opinion.

    Northsider: How about you let us know who you are and then you and I have a chat? My line is always open: 434.974.1617 -- please call anytime--thanks!