Thursday, December 3, 2009

An ever bigger stupid move than Feda's

Just yesterday the campaign for Lawrence Verga did very negative robo calls that have clearly backfired on him.  He is now seen as the guy who is against other candidates but has little positive to say about himself.  This reporter has heard that a number of money people in Albemarle have decided to look otherwhere.  I hope his pockets are as deep as he says they are because he is going to have to do a lot to overcome this early impression.

Reports are also back that he was corrected very visibly by the NRCC when he made a presentation in DC this week. Seems he got up and repeated his story that the NRCC has endorsed Hurt.  NRCC staff corrected him very vocally and he had no answer to them. Seems he wasted his trip. Does he need to withdraw his statement that he recently made if he expects to ever get any help if he were to win the nomination ?  Do we color him as the guy who just can't do anything right ?

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